Getting Started with GCR

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Getting Started

NOTE: You may want to send the link to this page to your newly registered Members.

The official GCR Marketing "Fast Start" page is Take time to review this information as well.


After joining GCR, the first thing that you need to do is set up your Personal Team Capture Page. If you were a member of JTL and already have a site, please email John Austin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include the following information so that he can make the necessary changes and link this system to your GCRmarketing website.

1.    Name
2.    Email
3.    GCR ID#
4.    GCR Username
5.    Name of your GCR Sponsor

IMPORTANT: If you previously had a website, you will need to login and go to View Leads. Delete any existing leads you may have. There are three (3) categories of leads. Check all three categories by clicking on the little down arrow next to Lead Categories.

I suggest that you highlight and copy any leads you may have in any of the 3 categories and paste them into a notepad, Word document or Excel file before deleting them. That way you can contact these folks and ask them to visit your "new" capture page.

The reason for deleting the existing leads is that if these people visit your capture page before you delete them, they will NOT receive your new autoresponder letters because the system is designed to only subscribe one email address and if that email already exists, it will not be added a second time.

If you have never had a website, then go to and click the signup button at the bottom of the page to set up your site. (Available only to members of John Austin's downline.)

Note: The url that you send out to prospects will be (Replace 00000 with your GCR_ID#.

Next, you need to get a Domain Name that you can forward to your funtoberich Capture Page. There are a number of registrars to choose from for example When you open the site you will see a search field. Type in the name that you think you might like – for example. You want something simple, short and easy to spell.

Godaddy usually has a 99 cent special. I would call the phone number on the godaddy page and ask them for a discount code. Then make your purchase using that code to get the reduced price. If you have any trouble, you can make your purchase over the phone.

If you are buying a domain for the first time, you will be creating a new account with them at the time of purchase, so be sure to write down your login information and keep it in a safe place so that you will always have access to login and manage your domains.

Note: It is very important when forwarding your domain that you put in a keyword so that your site will be indexed on the search engines. This will increase the number of people who make it to your site.

Each domain registrar will have its own method of forwarding. Here are the instructions using Godaddy:

1.    Login and click on Manage Domains
2.    Put a checkmark in front of the domain that you want to forward
3.    Right above that you will see some small icons. Put your cursor on top of the Forward icon. You will see another little window popup below it with some options. Click “Forwarding Domains”
4.    Click “Forward With Masking”
5.    Forward To: (use numbers)
6.    Redirect Type: 301 Permanent
7.    Forward Settings: Forward With Masking
8.    Title: Cryptocurrency – The Future of Money
9.    Description: Make money with cryptocurrency
10.    Keywords: Type in your domain name. For example if you purchased, then your first keyword is You can add some other keywords here is you want to, but the most important is the actual domain name (DO NOT USE www. Or http://). If you choose to add more than one keyword, it should look like this:, globalcoin, global coin reserve, gcr, gcrcoin, gcr coin, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, alt currencies (You could copy and paste these keywords behind you own domain name if you choose to. Just make sure that it is separated by a comma from the others.
11.    Click “Edit”
12.    Click “Save” and you are done. Congratulations!

Note: If you only have one domain with godaddy, your page for setting this up will look different than the description above. I can't see that page from my godaddy acount since I have many domains. You may see a link that says Get Started, or Activate Your Domain. Once you click on it and get to the forwarding section, you should be able to complete the process.

Now you will want to start inviting people to visit your Capture Page by giving them your new domain url. I highly recommend that you use the Team Training at: There are scripts and simple ideas of how you might invite someone to your website. Watch “The Secret Formula” video. Following this simple formula will guarantee your success!

Here are some ideas that may help you start a conversation about Bitcoin and turn it to GCR:

"What do you know about Bitcoin? After they tell you, you can say, "I had been hearing a lot about it lately and when I started checking it out, I found that if I had invested just $10 in Bitcoin at the right time it would have paid me $1.6 million dollars just 36 months later. In fact it has been termed the "single best investment" in history. Then I recently discovered a new coin that has all of the characteristics of Bitcoin, only better and experts are saying that it could return as much much as Bitcoin and do it in a shorter period of time. You can buy this new coin for just pennies right now, so if you would like to just learn more about Bitcoin or the new coin that could replace Bitcoin, I could give you a website where you can learn more about it.

Then send them to your capture page at (Replace the zeros with your own GCR ID#.

Here is a sample email that you may send to people to peak their interest:

Hi __________.

If you missed The Bitcoin Bonanza, here's your chance to live it again!
In just 36 months, Bitcoin soared over 1,623,000% - enough to turn a measly $10 investment into $1, 600,000.

Global coin is like a second generation Bitcoin, but it is a better technology that in the end could one day allow it to replace Bitcoin.

Globalcoin is the first cryptocurrency to have a rewards and incentives program that will give both merchants and customers reason to use either Bitcoin or Globalcoin as a medium of exchange.

Both currencies are technologies, but Globalcoin is using a 2.0 technology vs. Bitcoin's 1.0 technology, which gives GCRcoin some important advantages that could ultimately make it the preferred global cryptocurrency.

This could cause GCRcoin to be a better place to put your money now than even Bitcoin was when it got started.

Act now or you may regret later...

Kind Regards,

John Austin

Copy and paste the forgoing letter into an email that you want to send out. Be sure to replace my name and contact information with your own before sending it.

Have Fun Marketing!


After you have enrolled for a free GCR website, you can then login to your back office and pay pay for your coin minting package with either Solid Trust Pay (STP) using your credit card, or with Bitcoin by setting up a Bitcoin Wallet at Whether or not you pay using Bitcoin, it is recommended that you eventually set up a coinbase account and become familiar with how to buy and use cryptocurrency. It is similar to using a paypal account to make online purchases.

You can also mail payments for you Mining Packages to:

Global Coin Reserve
1400 Preston Road, Suite 400,
Plano, TX 75093


1. You can sponsor people into GCR prior to making payment. Just be sure that your minting contract is paid for prior to your downline members making their payments so that you don't lose commissions or sponsorship.
2. Send separate Money Orders or Cashiers Check for each minting contract.
3. Write the name of the person and the GCR ID# of the person who is purchasing the contract on the physical check itself. Do this even if you are paying for someone other than yourself.

Note: Once payment is received, your GCR ewallet will be funded with that money, the same as if you had commissions available.

You will then need to login to your GCR back office to pay for your mining contract from your ewallet

You will do this by logging in and Clicking on Finances. Then click Make Payment.

You may need to type in the ID# of the person being paid in and click search. This will bring up the person's name. If the dollar amount is correct, put a check mark in the little round circle next to the dollar amount and Click Pay.

Note: If the amount to pay is not correct, you will need to go to the home page and Click Change Membership and choose the correct package and then update.

After checking the round button and clicking to make payment, you will then get a message asking you if you are sure that you want to make this payment. Affirm that you do and the money will immediately transfer from your ewallet to settle the payment.

At some point you will want to set up 2-step authentication (2fa) on your phone or computer as an extra safeguard that nobody will hack into your GCR Marketing website and attempt to steal your commissions or coins.

You can actually have 2fa setup on one computer or phone and use that device to generate the second-step login verification code, which can then be entered into the device that you are using to login to your GCR Marteting back office with.

After installing either Authy or Winauth on your computer, you can add multiple accounts which you can then use to generate the 2fa code for logging into multiple GCR Marketing back offices.

For example, I have set up 2fa accounts for a few people who then have to call me when logging into their own GCR back office. I open my winauth and generate the necessary 2fa code from my computer, which they then type into their own site to login to their back office. That may sound a bit confusing, but after watching my two videos below, it should give you a few ideas of how to make 2fa more flexible and user-friendly.

These videos should make setting up your 2fa fairly simple. There are two versions of 2fa that you can choose from. As far as I can tell, winauth can be used with any browser including Chrome, but authy is specifically for Chrome browsers.

For Chrome Browers (Authy)

For Other Browers and will also work with Chrome Browser (Winauth)

QUESTION: I can't see my coins.

ANSWER FROM MIKE: If you have the 2fa setup, go to the green G Icon under the Account tab and the Profile link and use the email and password there. If the password doesn't work then click the reset button to reset the password. Then you should be able to get into the coin wallet with the new password to see your coins.

Once you are inside the coin wallet, you can click on Account to change your coin wallet password (separate password from your back office login) and there is also a link there if you want to setup a separate 2fa for your coin wallet. (Optional)