Wifi Phone Solution

 House Computer Wifi Speed Test

Test Wifi Speed with 56Mbps (approx 56,000,000 bits per second) connection


For the router to be able to deliver these speeds *all* of the devices must support specific protocol flavor (b, g or n) and signal strength must be good too. If you have a laptop that only supports "b", even if you get "n" router it'll fall back to "b" speeds.

Right now the sweet spot seems to be "g".

P.S. I see there's a confusion on what Mbps is Mbps is "Mega bit per second". 1 Megabit = 1024 Kilobit = 1,048,576 bit per second.

54 Mbps is about 10% faster then the fastest ISP in US (Verizon's FIOS), so even if you get 300 Mbps router it won't speed up you Internet connection.

11 Mbps is still faster that any other provider of "high-speed Internet" than Verizon. (The runner-up is Cablevision with its 10 Mbps on a good day)








Task #01 - research how to get faster wifi so phone calls are of good quality without break ups or skipping.

1. Testing Magic Jack